Fantasy Premier League General tips and tricks

fantasy premier league tips

Fantasy premier league 2020 is nearing the end! If you are new to the game, this article will help guide you through what steps to take in order to win your fantasy premier league. Below are a few key points that every player should remember and learn from game week one of fantasy premier league

  • Always have a plan for captaincy choice before deadline day
  • Buy players with good fixtures coming up if they’re reasonably priced
  • Make sure you always check team sheets before the deadline
  • Make sure you watch the game to decide on your transfers

The first thing that every player should remember is not to make their captaincy choice until deadline day. One’s strategy for captaining can change depending on who has a good fixture coming up. For example, if Liverpool are playing Arsenal and Aubameyang does not start, then your chances have steadily decreased.

The second thing that every player should remember is to always check team sheets before the deadline. It’s a lot more difficult to get players in or out of your squad if they’re not on the bench so it may be better for you to wait and see how things turn out rather than risking getting another less favorable result.

Third, and most importantly, is to remember the importance of squad players. If you’re relying on one player for your points, that’s not a good idea because if they get injured or benched then it may lead to an unrealized point total and make things difficult when picking up new transfers as well.